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Facility and Engine Control Systems (FECS)

Reliability, Control and Safety.

  • The Yanos Facility & Engine Control System (FECS) is designed to control and monitor all aspects of the facility and engine, depending upon the scope of the project the FECS may be divided into multiple NEMA rated enclosures.

  • Each Yanos FECS is designed with approved off-the-shelf components, this makes the replacing/maintenance of components a pain free experience.

  • The modular design of each Yanos FECS allows for fast hardware adaptability resulting in quick and easy system upgrades as requirements in the test cell change over time.

  • Yanos Technologies recognizes the critical importance of providing complete, well maintained, and readable documentation for all systems (Hardware and Software); this is why all our products come with a complete customized Operation and Maintenance Manual, empowering our customers with the ability to change/maintain any system. This results in the full transparency customers have come to expect from Yanos Technologies.

    All this combined with the powerful yDEX Engine, the customizability of the RealTime Software, the logging dependability of LogSheet and the adaptability of the yCOM Automation System results in a complete state-of-the-art turnkey solution! 

Reliable and Powerful


Choose a CompactRIO or Conventional PLC Based System!

  • Yanos Aerospace provides customers with the choice when possible between a high-performance CompactRIO (cRIO) based system or a conventional PLC based system for all FECS/DAS enclosures

  • Click here to learn more about the advantages of a cRIO based system 

  • Rest assure that regardless of the choice, the reliability of the overall system will not be hindered 


Dependable and Responsive Customer Support

Experience the Yanos Difference.

  • Having over 25 years' experience in the aerospace industry, our experts can find a solution for any engine test requirements/issues that may present themselves.

  • Yanos Aerospace understands that a transition to a new user interface and system can be difficult, that's why we provide in person operator and admin training as standard to our customer for all turnkey solution projects.

  • In addition, Yanos Aerospace offers extended support contracts for maintenance and/or training if requested by the customer.

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