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Tractor-Trailer Monitoring System


Tractor-Trailer Monitoring System

  • A modular product that enables real-time access to truck and trailer performance data for drivers, maintenance, owner-operators, and fleet managers.

  • The system includes other integrated features such as logging historical data and providing alarms to the driver when parameters reach pre-defined limits.

  • The base system includes sensors to measure brake temperatures which are connected to an onboard computer that processes the incoming data.  From there the data is transmitted wirelessly and can be accessed on a mobile device through and app.

Modularity Is King

  • Being modular, the functionality can be expanded through the inclusion of additional features which build off the base system.

  • The following add-ons are able to be incorporated into the system:

    • Tire temperature/pressure monitoring.​

    • Load shift monitoring.

    • Asset tracking.

    • Internet of Things (IoT).

    • Solar/battery backup.

    • In-Cab/cell phone interface.

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