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Yanos Calibration Tool (yCALI)

A unified user interface for calibration.

  • The Yanos Calibration Interface (yCALI) is used to calibrate the parameters from cRIOs, PLCs, and devices using the yDEX Engine.

  • All calibrations are stored and processed on each device, this allows any client to have guaranteed calibrated data when requested, even non-intelligent devices thanks to the yDEX Engine.

  • The calibration interface consolidates all devices into a single interface and allows the user to quickly switch between the desired devices.

  • yCALI allows the user to perform multi-point and multi-channel calibrations, this saves time for the calibrator and simplifies the calibration process significantly.

Trust-Worthy Verification

Verify all your applied calibrations!

  • The yCALI verification interface is used to verify any applied calibration curve, ensuring all calibrations are up to their required standards.

  • The verification table displays the following key parameters:

    • User-defined set point

    • Observed/Calibrated measured value

    • Deviation between the set point and the observed value

    • Allowable tolerance

    • Hysteresis

    • Date when the verification point was captured

    • Standard used to inject the reference signal

  • yCALI is able to check the allowable tolerance for each verification point and notify the calibrator if any point exceeds it.

  • yCALI can provide the user with a full calibration history report that can be easily customized as per customer requirements.

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