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RealTime Software 

Adapting to your requirements.

  • RealTime is a monitoring and logging software suite that displays all necessary data to the operator.

  • The RealTime program acquires all incoming calibrated data and processes it into useful data for the operator.

  • Operation screens are used to display critical data to the operator.

  • These operation screens have been developed using LabVIEW, this allows all screens to be customized to suit the end user’s preference.

  • Allows operators to efficiently run through their validation and performance steps.

  • RealTime can process several hundred hardware and calculated data channels.

  • The system operates at an acquisition and recording rate of up to 1000Hz.


In Application Playback

  • In-application playback can be instigated to re-run a test on the same screens that were used for the original acquisition.

  • This allows the user to re-acquire Logsheet data or do more detailed plots and analysis.

  • This is possible due to continuous recording implemented on all channels at full bandwidth (analog, discrete, calculated, etc.) so that when the engine is running, all history is saved (including 5 minutes prior to start and 5 minutes after shutdown).

  • This ensures all test data is available for post-run playback and analysis.

  • If a more graphical approach is required, DataViewer can be used to perform historical data analysis.


Easy Troubleshooting with Alarms and Trends

Descriptive facility and engine alarms triggered in realtime.

  • The alarm bar allows for easy viewing of any alarms that are triggered during the run.

  • The alarm states the channel name, the type of alarm, the alarm status as well as the activation time.

  • RealTime allows for easy trending of any available tags.  The user can select any tags and have them graphed for troubleshooting.

Expandable and Reliable

All engine models and variants under one application.

  • The future proof architecture design of RealTime allows for upgrades and variants to be quickly and reliably added to the system with minimum downtime.

  • All Yanos Technologies systems are designed with full upgradability in mind.  This allows products with our systems to run uninterrupted for the full life cycle of the facility.

  • While RealTime displays parameters such as speeds, temperatures, pressures, and vibration data; the main interface for running the system will be through the yCOM Automation System.

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