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The World's Largest Engine Test Cell

New state-of-the-art test cell

  • The first test cell built by a U.S. airline in more than 20 years.

  • Capable of safely running a mounted, stationary engine at full power with 150,000 pounds of thrust, the cell will allow Delta to test engines that are yet to be designed or built

  • The airline's new test cell and engine shop open the door to next generation engine capabilities, including the Rolls-Royce Trent 1000, Trent 7000 and Trent XWB and the PW1100 and PW1500 variants of the Geared Turbofan

yCOM at Delta

The yCOM Automation System

The next step in automation and control!

  • The yCOM system is used for facility and automation Control.

  • Designed with Operators in mind, the yCOM system provides the highest level of automation while providing complete control and safety.

  • Capable of running through all required test procedures in semi or fully automatic mode.

  • Allows never before seen levels of data precision over multiple runs.

DAS at Delta

High Speed Data Acquisition System

Modular, Reliable and Fast!

  • This High Speed DAS is capable of logging data at over 100 samples per second from every probe, PLC and device in the facility

  • This LabView based system uses  CompactRIOs which provide high-performance processing capabilities and sensor-specific conditioned I/O

  • Designed with modularity and expandability in mind for all future engine models and variants

  • Allows for accurate and precisely times low-latency transfer of time-sensitive data you can trust 

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